Trailer Safety and Lovely Weather in February


Another beautiful Sunday in February (no rain bad but….).  I had a rendezvous with a loaner saddle for Splash for next weekend and Melodie delivered complete with neon orange saddle cover.  It fits Splash and me so we practiced some western moves including the water box, side-pass over poles, canter into the box, cones (killed several), and the phantom gate.  The saddle is lovely, perhaps that will make up for some operator error.  I still have a few items to finish up – the issue of a felt hat is not resolved but I think I now have everything else needed to show western.  And, I took my flash noseband off my dressage bridle so I won’t forget at the last-minute.  I am looking forward to the first show of 2013.

After gifting the horses with valentine vaccinations, I took them to Dr. Cash-Warren for the annual coggins tests.  Then, met Beth for lunch and a little shopping at Hobby Lobby (for crystals to fix Alaina’s show jacket) and to Drysdale’s to check out hats (they need to order my size).  I had every intention of riding in the afternoon, but it was blustery and I got whimpy.


Friday evening, the YaYa’s met at the Claremore police station for a training session with Officer Gillis (AKA YaYa Gina).  We had a guided tour of the station including demonstrations of the wide variety of instruments available to dispatch to assist officers doing their duty.


Then, Gina gave an informative presentation focused on trailer safety.  I have outfitted my rig with the required “extensions” for my tire tool and had a quick refresher from my husband on tire changing.   Also, add these numbers to your phone so that you can call the best dispatch for your emergency – 911 works, but you can help focus your response if you call the City or County where your emergency is located or the Highway Patrol if you are en route.

918 341-3535 Rogers Co
918 341-1212 City of Claremore
*55 hi-po

We all need to have a “lift” tool to raise the trailer and change a tire.  You can easily make your own trailer lift with 3 different short lengths of 2” x 8″ boards and your tire tool extender can be extended with a length of pipe.  Put these in your truck or trailer ASAP.

IMG_0204 IMG_0205

Saturday morning was cold but we were on for the Party lesson at the Rocking C.  Sydney joined the young ladies lesson at 10, followed by showmanship for all before the less-young ladies lesson at 11.


Splash and I do NOT have a pivot. Further training needed. Nancy joined us on Norman and had a wonderful lesson including canter! Splash was forward and fairly consistent in our trot work but our left lead canter departs were sluggish.  Then we worked on equitation and again, canter departs were not so good.  But we improved as we worked – so made progress.


After lunching at our latest favorite in Catoosa, I helped Christina H move her horses to Lily Pond.  Milli and Dancer seemed to move in happily since their new digs were ready with hay and water.  Christina plans to show at the GCC show at Lily Pond in a couple of months, so maybe she will get back to showing at the schooling shows with me.

Hope all my YaYs Sisters can come visit us at the Will Rogers Classic next weekend at the Claremore Expo.  Splash and I will be there showing English AND Western with Alaina/Sunny and Ivy/Sister.


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