Jan/Feb in OK


Sorry about the no-post last weekend but I headed to Kansas on Sunday afternoon for a week of work in McPherson before I had a chance to post.  Not to worry, we did manage a ride at Cheval Pond with Mallory and Roxy on Saturday when Patty was at the AGM in OKC.  The weather was fine for riding as well as for driving to OKC.


The annual 4-H State Horse Communication Contest was held in Stillwater on Saturday (Feb. 2) so I missed the party lesson and watched speeches and horse quiz bowl instead.  The kids also competed in Team Problem Solving and are getting better every year; the girls won the bronze metal.  Although the Quiz Bowl kids have placed 2nd for several years behind Cherokee County, the competition was tough this year with 4 teams very closely matched.  Our team placed 4th after tieing then losing to the ultimate winner in a playoff.  Very tense but the kids had a good time playing more than one excellent team.  Ivy and Alaina gave very good speeches on “The Early History of Horses” and “Competing in Trail” respectively.


Sunday was sunny and mild so Alaina/Sunny and me/Splash rode for a couple of hours at Oolagah (the Centennial Trail).  Our plan was to ride along the shore AROUND Kite Hill.  We followed a group with small kids and a baby who were staying on the low road.  After meeting Rhonda and Erica and Rhonda’s Bro-in-law, we ended up following the wrong group UP the hill to the very top.  I got to stressed out about coming back DOWN to remember to take a picture (it was Alaina’s first time on top and her first ride at Oolagah).  We made it down without incident and then counted at least 7 armadillos rustling, running and jumping around in the leaves right next to the trail.  Who knew we were cruising armadillo country.  Splash and Sunny were fine with armadillos but had spazzed out earlier when a deer jumped out at us.  We made it back with very muddy legs and tails since the trail at the trailhead end was pretty sloppy.  Very Fun Ride and way better than staying indoors for some football game – I watched the commercials online after the game.


Oh, and I found the first signs of spring!  Crocus are up at the Wild O Ranch so now Spring time riding can begin.  YaYa.


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Equine obsessed woman who loves to ride horses, talk about horses, photograph horses/riders, shop for horse stuff, look at horse adds, admire fences, barns, trucks and trailers, and do all things horsey with my kids and friends.
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  1. laura says:

    Hi, just read your message on the google horse bloggers page and the same thing happened to me but I have been able to put photos on my blod using Flickr and then I add the html code into the blog post when I write it! It is a bit more difficult though. And very annoying of blogger!

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