Marilyn Heads to FLA

Just as Marilyn turns 20 on Tuesday, she will be on her way to her next adventure as a working student for a well-known dressage rider/trainer in Florida.  We are very proud of Marilyn’s accomplishments towards her riding and training goals and hope she enjoys every minute of this new life-chapter.

The Rocking C Drill Team - Party at the Dilldine's

The Rocking C Drill Team – Party at the Dilldine’s

The Rocking C Drill Team girls will miss having Marilyn and Willy riding with them.

The weekend was wonderful for horsey activities and I got to ride Friday, Saturday and Sunday!  Ahhhh, equine therapy as prescribed.

Friday morning the YaYa’s headed to Oolagah and the temperatures, although below freezing in the morning, quickly rose into the 50’s with lovely sunshine.  Sherry hauled Dude for me and we had a great ride followed by lunch at El Azteca.  Dude is an ex-roping horse but, in reality, is two horses.  Heading out when most horses are excited and prancey, Dude wandered along bringing up the rear and needing encouragement to keep up.  Very relaxing.  But, when we turned around….  Dude jumped out of the box and didn’t let Lil, Navaho or Smoky pass us as we took the short cut back to the trailers – he knew I was hungry for lunch.

YaYa Riders at Oolagah - Jan. 2013

YaYa Riders at Oolagah – Jan. 2013

Splash and Sunny made the short trip to DeAmico Stables Friday evening to work on Western Pleasure (Alaina and Sunny) and Trail (Cathy and Splash).  We made good progress working on neck reining around cones using inside leg to help get enough bend.  Then practiced some canter departs to get prompt transitions using circles to slow down – we need work on consistency and steering.  We finished with side passes and back through poles and Splash was awesome.

The weather on Saturday was perfect (sunny and in the 60’s) for the party lesson and we had Nancy, Mallory, Pam, Kathy, Mary, and me.  Our work included side pass and collection/extension.  Then we each worked on canter issues, as needed.  For Splash and me, it’s transitions; resistance to upward and head-throwing in downward.   So, on a circle, we worked on depart preparation to help Splash pick up the canter; then worked to keep even pressure on the outside rein while maintaining bend for consistency; and pulsed right/left on the bit while keeping leg pressure on during the downward transition into trot (not to a complete stop at the gate).  We made improvement.

Splash resting up in the sunshine

Splash resting up in the sunshine

Sunday was the last lovely day before the temperatures drop overnight with highs predicted in the 30’s for Monday.  So, Ivy took Pico for a light spin and I worked on Splash. After another month off, Pico seemed sound.  Now we will start a light riding program and see if he stays sound.  Splash and I worked on trotting cavaletti polls into “stop in the box” – then 360.  Finally, we worked the bridge and water box.  Splash might be a trail horse.  Will Rogers Classic, here we come.

So, its back to work for me tomorrow with hope for good riding weather next weekend.  YaYa!


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