Good Horse / Bad Horse



Sad but true.

Now that 2013 is here, it’s time to start show preparations.  Thank goodness for party lessons at the Rocking C.  We managed our second Saturday in a row after weeks of missed lessons due to holidays, travel, weather, and etc.  We missed Kathy but Mallory and Roxy made it along with the 007 girls (Sheila and Allison), Nancy, and Mary.  Splash was amazingly good.  We worked on flexions right and left at the trot as well as stretching down alternated with sitting/collecting and posting/extending the trot.  Splash was consistent and forward when straight and really doing well with collection/extension.  He was really trying at the lateral work because it is very hard for him, and for me to keep him going – even so, improvement.  Good Horse.

So, Sheila tells me that she just doesn’t understand how I can “dis” my lovely horse.  Hmmm.  I guess she FORGOT about the KICK – out of the blue – that Splash aimed at Yellow Pony during our ride less than a week ago.  BAD Horse.  Thank goodness Yellow Pony was unharmed by the stealth-kick attack.  No excuse for that but perhaps Splash was miffed after having to separate the pesky palominos (Sunny and Yellow Pony) during our photo-op.



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